Seeking after God...

Coming to and being a part of a church used to be done because it was the expected social habit.  Everyone went to church.  Everyone was a Christian.  This was just how it was... or so it seemed.  Those days are quickly disappearing if they haven't already gone.  

Come to church today because you are seeking to know God.  Come to church today because you are looking for something larger to believe in.  Come to church today because you are already convinced love is the way.  Come to church today because you know that you don't need to go it alone.  Come to church today because God is calling you to live a life of faith through Jesus Christ.

At Parkway Presbyterian we understand we are all seekers.  We understand that it is grace that brings us together and not our spiritual or moral accomplishments.  We understand that we are all... all... all... children of God and that God's love always breaks through whatever boundaries or walls we try to create.  God always finds the "yes" that reveals how our "no" is small and petty.

Seek after God... the journey of faith is yours... but you don't need to go it alone.  A journey isn't a journey if you stay in the same place.

Parkway Presbyterian Church

1000 Yorkshire Road

Winston-Salem, NC 27106


Sunday Worship - 10am

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The journey of faith often begins with letting go... taking the time to let God speak to you... allowing yourself to seek out God rather than confirming the God you think you already know all about.