Keeping the congregation safe during this time of Covid is our highest priority and how we are choosing to show our faith at this time.


We have currently halted our indoor worship because the Covid numbers in Forsyth County have entered the "red" on the state's current system of reporting.  When the numbers fall back down and the county enters the "orange" code, the Session will decide to either resume indoor services or... depending on the weather... restart our outside services.


Until that time, we will be recording and posting worship on both the website and our Facebook page every Sunday.  


If/when we do resume indoor worship... to attend worship in the sanctuary...

Please arrive early to allow time for check in procedures.

  1. Everyone attending the service in the sanctuary will wear a mask the whole time they are at the church, both while they are entering and exiting the building and throughout the entire worship service.

  2. There will only be one entrance into the buildings.  The side door of the Narthex under the covered entrance way.  Please do not enter or exit through any other door.  Once you have entered into the building, you will need to proceed directly to your seat and stay there.  Please do not visit with others while you are in the building.  When the service has ended you will be dismissed by sections so that we do not bunch up leaving the building.  Again, please exit the building without stopping to visit.  If you want to have a conversation, please do that once you are outside the building.

  3. Coming in the one entrance, you will be stopped first to have your temperature checked.  Anyone with a fever will be asked to leave immediately.  Please also take the opportunity to use some of the available hand sanitizer.  There will be masks available for anyone who does not have one.  Again… once you have entered into the building, please proceed directly to a pew.

  4. Bathrooms will be available, but their use is discouraged.  If you use the restroom, please wipe the surfaces down with the available sanitizing wipes.

  5. There will be bulletins if you want to follow along with the service.  You may pick up a bulletin on your way into the sanctuary.  There will be no ushers or greeters. 

  6. We will not be singing as a congregation.  There may be some responsive readings in the service.  These are to be done with masks in place.

  7. Please sit only in the designated pews and the half of the pew that will be marked by an arrow.  Pews will be designated for maximum distancing.  Do not sit with people who are not already with you in your home.

  8. The front three pews will not be used for seating.  Worship leaders will be removing their masks to speak and sing from the chancel area.

  9. There will be a plate available for offerings as you enter or exit the sanctuary.  There will be no time in the service for the collection of the offering.  Nor will there be any Passing of the Peace or Moment with the Children.  No nursery will be available.

  10. Again… at the end of the service you will be dismissed by areas to allow for safe distancing while we exit the building.  Please leave the building immediately through the same door under the covered entrance.

Sermon texts are also available through the website.


The calendar will keep you up to date on the other happenings at the church.

The church office will be open during regular business hours (M-F 9am to 2pm) in order to provide a point of contact especially for our members who may be hardest hit by the unfolding events brought on by the Covid-19.  If you have a special need or know of someone who needs care we can provide, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help anyway we can. 

Throughout this time, we will be making phone calls and trying to keep in contact with the congregation through social media, email, text messages and our website.  As a way of being the church dispersed we will also be hosting special Zoom gatherings for fellowship, study, and to conduct necessary church business.  If you are currently not our e-mail list, send us a message by clicking here

Yours in Christ,

Dr. Thom Burleson

The Session of Parkway Presbyterian

Parkway Presbyterian Church

1000 Yorkshire Road

Winston-Salem, NC 27106


Sunday Worship - 10am

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