Plan. Decide. Change. Adapt. Adjust. Plan Again.  On and on it goes… the reality for church life today. 


So here's where we're at the end of May 2021…

  • Starting immediately we will be holding worship in the sanctuary.  We are dropping all Covid related restrictions so we will have congregational singing and spoken responses.

  • Masks are optional.  Following the new guidelines, if you have been fully vaccinated you are not required to wear your mask.  If, however, you want to continue to wear a mask that is your choice.  Comfort levels will vary so please do what suits yours so that if you come to the sanctuary to worship you can put your focus on the glorification of God.  As a congregation this is our opportunity to exercise the wisdom Paul gives us in 1 Corinthians 8.

  • Social distancing is again to your comfort level.  The pews are no longer marked off to enforce social distancing.  If you want to keep your distance, let people know.  If someone asks you not to sit next to them or hug or shake their hand… don’t take offense but with a generous grace love one another and take care of one another.

  • Coming out of our Covid protections is going to allow other germs and viruses to do what they do.  Don’t be surprised if there is a wave of people getting sick as our immune systems are put to work again.  If you’re not feeling well some Sunday, maybe not coming to worship is the better choice.

  • We will continue to pre-record and post an online worship service on YouTube, Facebook and our website.  Coming back inside, though, we are going to work again at getting our Livestream to a consistent level and will eventually switch over to only Livestreaming the service.

  • Being together again means we need everyone to play their part.  We will need ushers and greeters.  The children’s programs don’t work without regular committed volunteers.  The choir will be reformed.  Everyone has a part to play, so say “yes” when you are asked.  Better yet, don’t wait to be asked… step up.


So if this last year has taught us anything it’s to be in the moment.  Right now… right now we are able to come together again.  If a Covid variant flares up at some point and restrictions return, we will adjust and do what is necessary.  Our shared ministry is tied to the workings and guidance Holy Spirit and not to a particular predetermined list of wants or demand that church must be this or must be that… must be done like this or done like that.  We are the church gathered and equipped by the Holy Spirit through the gift of faith… and in being true to that uniqueness that is Parkway always in motion is how we stay authentic and real and true to our calling.

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Yours in Christ,

Dr. Thom Burleson

The Session of Parkway Presbyterian