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            Beginning on Sunday, March 6, the wearing of masks in the buildings at Parkway will become optional again.  This puts us in line with the city of Winston Salem which will be dropping their mask mandate on March 1.


            We understand that people's comfort levels with Covid are still in different places.  Dropping our own mask mandate doesn't mean Covid is gone or that we believe you can't still catch Covid even at Parkway.  For those who wish to wear masks, please continue to do so.  We also encourage everyone to be fully vaccinated if you are not already.  Sunday's worship services will be continued to be Livestreamed and presented on our Facebook page, YouTube, and here on our website. 

            Please join us in praying that this is the end of the pandemic phase of Covid.  

                                                                                    Yours in Christ,

                                                                                    Dr. Thom  

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